Custom Gates

We have served the Entire Texoma Area with custom gates since 2020.


Whatever your requirements, we can fit you with the access control system for your Sherman, Texas, business. Get a durable, strong access control system from the pros at Lowery Fence.

At our fence company, we believe that your gate should be a reflection of your individual style and taste. That’s why we offer a wide range of custom gate designs to choose from, or we can work with you to create a completely unique and customized gate. Our team of designers and craftsmen are experts at turning your ideas into reality, and we use only the finest materials and techniques to ensure that your custom gate is both functional and beautiful.

Whether you’re looking for a gate that’s simple and understated or bold and dramatic, we can help you achieve the perfect look for your property. When you work with us, you can be assured that your custom fence gate project will exceed your expectations and dreams! 


Extra Strong Gate Posts

Your fence posts are what matters most to keep your fence strong and straight for its lifetime. Your fence gate posts need to be even stronger to hold the extra weight and motion of your gate – that’s why we use larger, heavy duty posts for every gate installation.

Many companies install wood fence gates with a wooden frame that is prone to rot, break, and sag, causing issues with security and opening correctly. Not at Lowery Fencing, we can upgrade you to a steel gate frame that we guarantee will work for the life of your gate!

Have a special design you saw on Pinterest? We do custom designs just for you! Speak to our team today to plan your creative ideas and we will show you all of the available options you could want.

Gate latches and hinges are an important piece of a properly working gate. We use high-quality hardware that looks great and lasts a lifetime!


Here are some reasons why property owners love to install fence gates from Lowery Fencing in Sherman, Texas!

custom wood gate options Sherman


Installing a solid fence gate with your new fence is the difference between a secured property and an unprotected one. With a secure fence gate, intruders cannot enter your space without breaking or scaling it, which is a great deterrent and one that can keep your family and pets safe inside.


Use your fence gate as an added enhancement to your fence design and appearance by opting for a decorative style to match your unique taste and property. You can design your fence gate with flourishes in traditional or modern looks based on what you like best.


A proper fence gate in the perfect size and location within your fence creates the convenient access you need to get where you’re going. Gates can be placed on multiple sides of your fence, or just one main location. You can choose double swing gates or single and adjust the width of the gate opening for walking or driving through.


Wrought Iron fence gates come in a variety of styles and sizes and also can be installed as single swing or double swing designs. Our gates are available to match any size or finish and come completely secure giving your fence and gate the durability you expect from a quality fence product!

Sherman wrought iron single walk gate

Single Walk Gates

Sherman wrought iron single decorative walk gate

Decorative Single Walk Gates

Sherman wrought iron double driveway gate

Automated Driveway Gates

Decorative Driveway Gates



Do custom gates come with a warranty?

When you work with Lowery Fencing, you can rest assured knowing that your gate is backed by our commitment to excellence. Many of our gates are protected by our workmanship warranty. Speak with one of our experts to learn more about the details of our workmanship warranty.

Gates can be customized to fit your specific style preferences and needs. We specialize in adding ornamental iron accents to your gates. Working with a premier fence company that offers custom gate design services can ensure that your gate is unique and tailored to your specific property and security needs.

Selecting the best gate for your property depends on a number of factors, including your aesthetic preferences and your budget. Some of our gates have lower maintenance needs than others, including chain link gates. On the other hand, some of our gates are more customizable, like wood gates. When you work with the gate professionals at Lowery Fencing, we can help you select the perfect custom gate for your property.

Matching your gate to your fence is not a necessity! Many of our gates look great when mixed and matched with other styles. We love the look of metal gates with wood fences, but many combinations can create a visually stunning look.

At Lowery Fencing, we pride ourselves on the strength and longevity of our custom gates. To ensure that our gates exceed our customer’s expectations, we use two posts at the hinge post on our custom wood gates to ensure that your gate stands strong, even after years of wear and tear. Additionally, we place our gate posts deeper than our fence posts to prevent any loosening or instability. Other fence companies in the Sherman, Texas, area do not take these extra precautions. If you need a new gate, always be sure to work with the top-rated fence company in the Entire Texoma Area.

The cost of our custom gates varies based on several factors, such as the size, design complexity, choice of materials, additional features, and installation requirements. We always offer free, personalized quotes for all of our custom gate customers.