Wood Gates

The experts at Lowery Fencing craft wood gates out of premier materials for a customizable, attractive entrance to your Sherman, Texas property.

Our wood gates are handcrafted using premium-grade wood, ensuring the perfect combination of natural beauty and durability.

Lowery Fencing wood gates ServicesOur team of gate craftsmen carefully designs each wood gate to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property while providing secure access. At Lowery Fencing, our wood gates are the perfect addition to a variety of fences. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of rustic charm to your farm, create a welcoming entrance to your garden, or enclose your backyard, our wood gates make the perfect addition!


At Lowery Fencing, we take pride in our work and include many features in our custom gates that set us apart from other fence companies in the Sherman, Texas, area.

custom wood gates Sherman
Lowery Fencing custom wood gates

We drive our durable steel posts 4′ into the ground for maximum strength and all of the posts we use are made of heavy-duty steel to ensure the frame of your gate is stable. Not only are our posts incredibly strong, but our hardware latches and handles are also made of sturdy, long-lasting exterior-grade materials. As always, our custom gates include premium exterior-grade hinges that provide a smooth swing and a strong, durable attachment to your North Texas wood fence.